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Blown-In Cellulose Insulation- Rockaway Park, NY

This attic space in Rockaway Park, NY was not properly insulated causing the home to be cold, drafty and just overall uncomfortable. Triple H removed the old insulation. They then added a retaining wall to keep the new insulation contained. They then blew in 12” of cellulose insulation. With now the proper insulation in there home it should be warmer, less drafter, and more comfortable year-round. As well as lower their fuel and electric bills.

Cellulose Attic Insulation- Flushing, NY

A customer from Flushing, NY was unhappy with the comfort of their home. The attic of the home had old insulation that was no longer doing its job. The recessed lights were also not properly insulated. Triple H built a storage platform and then blew in cellulose insulation. TiteShell can light covers were installed over the recessed lights. Adding the cellulose insulation to the attic will make the home much more comfortable and efficient. The addition of the TiteShell covers will prevent the warm air of the home from escaping into the attic as well as the cold air from the attic creating cool drafts in the rooms below. This customer will most definitely see an improvement on comfort as well as reduction in their utility bills.

Blown in Cellulose Insulation in Attic - Flushing, NY

A resident from Flushing, NY was having problems keeping her home warm and comfortable during the cold months. After having an evaluation and a look in her attic, it was clear she had no insulation, which was the cause of her comfort problems. Triple H air sealed the whole attic floor preventing any air leaks, then they added 12” of Blown-In Cellulose Insulation to reach an optimum R-Value of R49. Now with proper insulation in her home, this customer will experience a warmer, more comfortable home that is easier to heat and cool.

Knee Wall Insulation- Elmont, NY

A customer from Elmont, NY was looking to get an estimate to have her attic reinsulated. Upon doing an assessment it was also recommended that she have her knee wall space reinsulated as well. Without a properly insulated knee wall, it can result in the upper level of the home to be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, and the knee wall space would not be suitable for storage. Triple H went in and removed the old insulation and added SilverGlo foam insulation between the ceiling joist bays. We also added a boarder and blew in cellulose insulation. Now this home should have a significantly warmer upstairs in the winter, and cooler rooms in the summer, less drafts, and more comfort overall.

Frozen Pipes in the Crawl Space- Lynbrook, NY

The homeowners from Lynbrook had a free home energy assessment to find out why they had frozen pipes in their crawlspace. They were also concerned about some of the floors being cold. In order for the homeowner to be more comfortable and to help prevent pipes from freezing Triple H Contracting used Silverglo and a radiant barrier to properly insulate their crawl space. Silverglo aids in keeping warm air in and cool air out in the winter and the cold air in and warm air out in the summer months. The radiant barriers also helps with climate control and moisture . This home will no longer have cool floors or concerns about pipes freezing in the winter.  

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