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Spray Foam Rim Joist - New Hyde Park, NY

This customer from new Hyde Park requested a free in home evaluation. Upon arrival she expressed to our comfort specialist that she felt the temperature of the home was too cold. The rim joist of this home was not insulated. A rim joist is the part of the house where the floor framing rests on the foundation.This is a main source of air leakage and energy loss.We eliminate this problem by sealing & insulating the rim joist. Now that the rim joist is air sealed and insulated with spray foam the home will be warmer and more efficient. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation System, New Hyde Park, NY

This Crawl Space in New Hyde Park, NY was insulated with a Crawl Space Encapsulation System. All vents and other air leaks to the outside are sealed. The crawl space walls are insulated with SilverGlo foam board insulation with a reflective radiant barrier face. Then a dimpled plastic drainage matting is installed on the floor to create an airspace and thermal break. Finally a heavy duty, 20 mil thick crawl space encapsulation linear is installed permanently across the dirt floor- sealed with mechanical fasteners to the walls and spiked to the floor. 

SilverGlo Insulation in Attic- New Hyde Park, NY

The Triple H Crew insulated this attic by installing SilverGlo foam board insulation to the underside of the roof deck and walls. Then the roof slopes are dense packed with cellulose insulation to stop air flow and insulate. This customer's home is now comfortable all year and drafts are eliminated! 

Attic Insulation with Storage Platform- New Hyde Park, NY

We started by removing the old, damaged insulation in the attic space. Then adding a storage platform and catwalk to make it easy to access the mechanical system in the attic and creating extra storage space for the homeowner. The platform we added has insulation boarders so its prepped for when we blow in new insulation. We added 12" of blown in cellulose insulation to the space. The homeowner will now have a comfortable home year round. 

SuperAttic- Baldwin, NY

What's a SuperAttic? SuperAttic covers your attic from a hot-in-the summer, cold-in-the-winter, vented attic to a comfortable, unvented attic while keeping a vented roof. With a SuperAttic, your attic becomes a part of the conditioned space of your home. SuperAttic uses SilverGlo expanded polystyrene foam insulation board that is infused with graphite and specifically manufactured with a radiant barrier on both sides to create an "energy force field"

With SuperAttic you will see a considerable improvement in the overall comfort of your home, as well as reduced heating and cooling costs.

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