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Spray Foam Rim Joist - New Hyde Park, NY

This customer from new Hyde Park requested a free in home evaluation. Upon arrival she expressed to our comfort specialist that she felt the temperature of the home was too cold. The rim joist of this home was not insulated. A rim joist is the part of the house where the floor framing rests on the foundation.This is a main source of air leakage and energy loss.We eliminate this problem by sealing & insulating the rim joist. Now that the rim joist is air sealed and insulated with spray foam the home will be warmer and more efficient. 

Spay Foam Crawl Space in Port Washington, NY

This customer in Port Washington requested our assistance. She was interested in insulation for her crawl space. She had comfort concerns. Triple H used Spray Foam insulation to seal off any and all potential air seal leaks she had. When you insulate your crawl space you are preventing the outside air from getting into your house. This solution makes the home more comfortable.

Spray Foam Rim Joist- Jericho, NY

This homeowner in Jericho, NY was having comfort issues. They were feeling drafts in the basement and lower levels on his home. After an evaluation it was determined that the rim joists weren't properly insulated. The Rim Joist is the perimeter of the floor framing system along the exterior of the house. Without it being properly insulated it causes air leakage into the home resulting in cold floors, drafts, and uncomfortable rooms in the basement and lower levels. Triple H installed two part expanding spray foam on the rim joist and over sill plates to seal all air leaks from the outside. Now this home will have warmer floors, less drafts and be more comfortable year-round. 


Spray Foam Rim Joist- Old Bethpage, NY

Two part expanding spray foam is in-stalled on rim joist and over sill plate to seal all air leaks from the outside and insulate this important area of your home. Dr. Energy Saver’s spray foam has a high insulation value per inch, and because it expands, it seals all cracks and gaps and joints where air from the outside enters your home. Insulating your rim joist properly results in warmer floors, less drafts, more comfortable rooms, and your house is easier to heat and cool.

Spray Foam Crawl Space Ceiling- Lindenhurst, NY

This customer from Lindenhurst, NY was having problems with cold floors above his crawl space which was also causing the rooms to be cold. After an evaluation it was determined that he needed new insulation on the ceiling of his crawl space. The crawl space of this home was not properly insulated and was being exposed to the outside air. When the outside air flows under a floor it feels very cold and uncomfortable in the winter. Triple H went in and removed the old batt insulation (which does not prevent air leaks) and added expanding spray foam. The spray foam fills all voids, gaps, and odd shapes to stop the air from flowing through the floor. Now the floors and rooms will be much warmer and a more comfortable home.

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