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Knee Wall Insulation- Valley Stream, NY

This poorly insulated knee wall space in Valley Strea, NY could lead to it being always cold in the winter and always hot in the summer, causing this space not be suitable for storage since its very hot or cold. The knee wall space could form the ceiling of the room below it, and the wall of it could be shared with an upstairs room. When a knee wall is not insulated it could cause these rooms to be uncomfortable to live in. Triple H insulated the knee wall space with SilverGlo foam board insulation. SilverGlo has a radiant barrier on both sides to reflect heat in the summer and keeps heat in the house in the winter. With the new insulation the home will be significantly more comfortable home.

"Super Knee Wall" Insulation- Malverne, NY

When our home comfort specialist arrived at a home in Malverne, NY it was easy to see a poorly insulated knee wall was causing comfort concerns. A knee wall space is created when a finished room is built within a sloped roof. When this area isn’t properly insulated it results in the upper level, the ceiling of the lower level, and the knee wall to be very cold in winter and hot in the summer. The knee wall is then not suitable for storage. Triple H added baffles in each rafter bay to ensure proper airflow before adding the insulation. Then they added fiberglass insulation before covering it with SilverGlo foam board insulation. SilverGlo is installed under the rafters up to the knee wall and sealed at the top with foam sealant. After the installation, inside air can’t get out of the house through the knee wall space and outside air can’t get in. Now with the knee wall properly insulated there should be significantly warmer upstairs in the winter and cooler in the summer, as well as less drafts throughout the home.

Kneewall SilverGlow Insulation- Merrick, NY

This homeowner in Merrick, NY requested Triple H to evaluate their home. They wanted to find ways to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the home. The kneewall of this home was not air sealed or insulated. When this wall is not insulated or sealed correctly air can easily escape to the exterior portion of the home resulting in hot rooms in the summer and cold rooms in the winter. Triple H used SilverGlo insulation board because it gives a 24% higher insulation value than standard foam. The rooms of the home will be more comfortable and easier to heat and cool.

Attic Super Deck & Air Sealing, Babylon NY

This customer from Babylon wanted to reduce the costs to heat and cool his home. He also wanted to utilize the storage area in the attic. Triple H installed Cellulose Insulation under the decking. Then we built a Super Deck and Air Sealed all penetrations along the Super Deck. The Cellulose insulation will help maintain the amount of heat kept in the home during the Winter months and also help keep the cool air from leaving the home in the Summer months. Air Sealing all penetrations also helps reduce the amount of air that may of been leaking out of the home. The Super Deck allows the customer to have a functional storage area. This customer will now be more comfortable and should see a reduction in the cost of heating and cooling.

SilverGlo Insulation in a Knee Wall - Huntington, NY

This customer in Huntington was aware that his home may need more insulation. He requested that Triple H come to the home and assess the insulation. At this time it was suggested that he could benefit from SilverGlo insulation in his knee wall. SilverGlo is a high R-Value, graphite-infused insulation foam board, lined with radiant foil that reflects the sun's heat away from the home during the summer, and maintains the heat during the winter. By using SilverGlo, the homeowner will no longer feel the effects of hot and cold air penetrating the room.

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