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Duct Encapsulation- Northport, NY

We encapsulated this duct system with 1" of closed-cell insulation to prevent any air leaks. Now when your heat or cooling system heats/cools the air, that heating/cooling is delivered to your rooms without loss along the way!

Duct Encapsulation- Smithtown, NY

These ducts were insulated with 1" of closed cell spray foam. Air cannot leak through. Now, when your furnace or air conditioner heats or cools the air, that heating/cooling is delivered to your rooms without loss along the way!

Insulated Duct Wrap,Mattituck NY

This customer from Mattituck had a energy assessment because half of the second floor bedrooms were warmer in the summer than the other bedrooms. After examining the customer's house it was determined that one of their issues was that their supply plenum was not properly insulated. To help improve comfort in their bedroom, we wrapped the supply plenum with insulated duct wrap, preventing cool air from being lost into the attic. By doing this, these bedrooms will be much cooler in the summer because all the conditioned air will go to the bedrooms and not escape through the ducts to the attic.  The house is also more energy efficient. 

Encapsulated Duct System- Cutchogue , NY

This customer came to us with some concerns of some of his rooms being too hot all the time. After a Free Home Energy Assessment, we recommended to encapsulate the duct system with spray foam. Triple H went in and used spray foam to seal and insulate the ducts over the existing insulation. Air cannot leak through the foam. We were able to encapsulate these ducts with superior R-values and it being airtight. Now this customers rooms are more comfortable, being warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter plus less duct noise and lower bills.

Duct Sealing- Bridgehampton, NY

The benefits for getting your ducts sealed properly can be, more comfortable rooms, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, less dust/noise, lower fuel/electric bills, and longer furnace/AC equipment life.

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