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Before and After Pictures from Southampton
Spray Foam Rim Joist- Southampton, NY

Spray Foam Rim Joist- Southampton, NY

Before After
Spray Foam Rim Joist- Southampton, NY Spray Foam Rim Joist- Southampton, NY

A resident from Southampton, NY requested Triple H visit the home and see how they could be more comfortable and efficient. The Rim Joist of this home was not insulated. Some homes are designed with floors that have outside air under them. An uninsulated Rim Joist will allow air flow under the floor of the home. This causes the floor to feel uncomfortable and cold. Triple H used spray foam to properly insulate and seal the Rim Joist. The spray foam will fill all the voids, gaps and cavities stopping air flow from going under the floor. This will make the floors above warmer and more comfortable as well as reduce the heating and cooling bills.

Cellulose Insulation & Retaining Walls- Southampton, NY

Cellulose Insulation & Retaining Walls- Southampton, NY

Before After
Cellulose Insulation & Retaining Walls- Southampton, NY Cellulose Insulation & Retaining Walls- Southampton, NY

The Triple H crew went to this home in Southampton, NY to reinsulate an attic that truly needed it. They started by removing the old fiber glass insulation. Then air sealing the whole attic and adding retaining walls to keep the new insulation contained as well as keeping a space to have easy access to the mechanicals in the attic. The crew then added  16” of Blown In Cellulose to the space. After its all done the home will be less draft, more comfortable, and easy to heat and cool. As well as having a clean attic space.

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Dedicated Home Insulation & Energy Contractor in Southampton, NY

They worked so well together as a team and put in a full day’s work each day stopping only for...
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Why Choose Triple H Insulation?

Is your home too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? If you have these problems or ones like these, you are in the right place! Triple H Insulation, are home comfort experts and we are here to help you! We are a certified woman-owned and operated home improvement company that specializes in energy saving and comfort increasing insulation services. Our team of experts can identify problem areas in your home and also recommend the proper solutions. Call or click today to schedule a FREE home insulation estimate!

Southampton, NY's Spray Foam Insulation Experts

Spray foam insulation is one of the best insulation products on the market. It has a superior R-Value compared to alternative forms of insulation. Spray foam air seals and insulates in one step because it expands to fill gaps and cracks. Spray foam insulation doesn't require any maintenance because of how sticky it is, it will never shift or separate from the wall it's sprayed on. Lastly, spray foam insulation is an incredibly durable product, it is water waterproof and mold resistant.

Experienced Attic Insulation Company

Not enough attic insulation can negatively impact home comfort and cause energy bills to rise. In the summer, attic insulation will create a barrier between the hot sun beating down on your roof and the rooms below you are trying to keep cool. In the winter, attic insulation will prevent your heated air from escaping into your attic and out of your home. To ensure year-round comfort contact us today and schedule a FREE attic insulation estimate!

Thorough indoor air quality testing

Are you and your family suffering from ailments like headaches, fevers, allergies, and more? These symptoms can often be associated with “sick building syndrome” If the air quality in your Southampton home isn’t up to par it can make your family sick and can continue to cause problems in your home. Triple H Insulation offers a variety of solutions that can improve the air quality of your home, including replacement doors, ductwork solutions, and more! If the air quality in your home has you worried call Triple H Insulation now! Our expert technicians are trained and certified to detect and correct building defects that cause indoor air quality problems.

Southampton's Leading Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure your home is energy-efficient. Blown-in insulation which is sometimes referred to as “blow-in” or “blown” insulation is very convenient because, well, it is blown from a tube. Due to its unique application, it can quickly be installed in almost any space. Blown-in insulation provides excellent insulation value and can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 40%. Contact us today to schedule a FREE blown-in insulation estimate!

Expert Duct Sealing and Insulation services in Southampton

Triple H Insulation offers duct sealing & insulation services to help keep your Southampton, NY home comfortable and energy-efficient. Our home improvement experts accurately diagnose your ductwork problems and provide safe and effective duct sealing and duct insulation services. Whether you need ducts sealed or insulated, you can rely on Triple H Insulation to get the job done quickly and efficiently! Call us now to schedule a free estimate!

Case Studies From Southampton
After watching Dr. Energy Saver videos about insulation this homeowner contacted us looking for an estimate to insulate his home, because he noticed...
Job Stories From Southampton, NY
Mold Issue & Attic Insulation- Southampton, NY

This homeowner in Southampton, NY was experiencing a mold issue in his attic space, as well as comfort issues. After seeing a Dr. Energy Saver video on Youtube, the customer contacted Triple H looking to get an estimate. Our specialist Ryan went out to the customers home to take a look and see what we can do to help. After looking at the attic space, Ryan sat with the homeowner to discuss what he found and the next steps.


The Triple H crew went to the home and started by removing all the old insulation in the attic space. After that they apply Mold-X2. Mold-X2 Cleaner & Botanical is a Dr. Energy Saver product that we use to effectively eliminate mold and mildew stains on contact. It prevents mold from growing back, resulting in mold elimination with no odors or potential for wood rot. After that was completed, the crew began air sealing any air leaks in the attic space before adding 14" of blown in cellulose insulation. 


Now this homeowner is happy because his mold issue is gone and his home is more comfortable and energy efficient!

Mold Issue & Attic Insulation- Southampton, NY - Photo 1
Work Requests From Southampton, NY
Project Location: Southampton, NY
We remodeled our home in 2018. Most of the inside and windows are brand new. But there is still cold air draft coming into home. So looking to improve insulation. Thanks
Project Location: Southampton, NY
Hi, last winter we noticed drafts coming from the floor and would like to seal between the basement and the first floor.
Project Location: Southampton, NY
Need estimate to insulate basement and garage. thanks
Project Location: Southampton, NY
I need a quote for a crawlspace insulation/encapsulation. The height is 4 ft and it is about 600 square ft Thank you
Project Location: Southampton, NY
Complete wall to wall insulation with closed cell icynene foam. 1st floor Floor, all exterior and minterior walls, 2 nd floor Floor, exterior walls, 2nd Floor ceiling /Attic Floor/ roof insulation with air baffles to circulate stale air.
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