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Air Sealing Insulation

  • Air sealing
  • Weatherization
  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Ductwork insulation
  • Ductwork sealing
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Mineral wool fiber Insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Radiant barrier installation
  • Ice dam prevention

HVAC Installation and Replacement

  • Ductless air conditioning units

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Before and After Pictures from Nassau County
Attic Insulation in Cedarhurst, NY

Attic Insulation in Cedarhurst, NY

Before After
Attic Insulation in Cedarhurst, NY Attic Insulation in Cedarhurst, NY

In just one day we were able to transform this 100+ year old home attic space and make the whole home more comfortable year round with less drafts. The Customer was very happy in the end!

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Old Westbury, NY

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Old Westbury, NY

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Old Westbury, NY Crawl Space Encapsulation in Old Westbury, NY

This customer couldn't wait for their dirty crawl space to be transformed into a clean healthy environment. The Triple H crew transformed this dirty crawl space into a beautiful one in just 1 day. It is now a usable, clean space for the homeowner.

Attic Insulation in Hicksville, NY

Attic Insulation in Hicksville, NY

Before After
Attic Insulation in Hicksville, NY Attic Insulation in Hicksville, NY

Before & After we insulated this attic space to make the customers home more energy efficient and comfortable 

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Nassau County, NY Reliable Spray Foam & Blown-In Insulation Services

The crew did a fantastic job in the attic, they were kind, courteous and very professional. ...
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Contractors offering home insulation, air sealing services, & more

There's only one energy-saving contracting company in Nassau County, NY with the skill, materials, and drive to deliver long-lasting durable home upgrades that improve home comfort, lower utility costs, and assure your home is functioning its best. Since 1999, Triple H Insulation has provided superior home insulation, spray foam insulation, blown-in insulation, air sealing services, HVAC upgrades, and other home improvement services!

As a Gold Star Home Performance Contractor from the Building Performance Institute (BPI), we can ensure the latest and most innovative solutions on the market, including expert craftsmanship with a crew that is individually trained as energy auditors, envelope specialists, heating professionals, air conditioning and heat pump professionals.

As an elite, energy-efficient contractor, Triple H Insulation offers:

  • Air sealing insulation
  • Ductwork insulation and sealing

Call 1-866-977-6917 or click below to receive a FREE home audit, where one of our trained crew will assess your home's energy issues, brief you on possible solutions, and provide a work estimate for any services needed in Nassau County, New York!

Expert Duct Sealing and Insulation services in Nassau County, NY

Triple H Insulation offers duct sealing & insulation services to help keep your Nassau County, NY home comfortable and energy-efficient. Our home improvement experts accurately diagnose your ductwork problems and provide safe and effective duct sealing and duct insulation services. Whether you need ducts sealed or insulated, you can rely on Triple H Insulation to get the job done quickly and efficiently! Call us now to schedule a free estimate!

Home insulation for crawl spaces, basements, garages, walls, & more

Why do people come from far and wide to the Nassau County area? To see reddish fall leaves, crisp snow, vibrant bright summers, and all the other wonders New York's ever-changing seasons have to offer. But what of the locals with poor home insulation?

Without a sufficient insulation barrier that adequately separates your walls from the outdoors, your home may feel stuffy in the summer and be freezing in the winter. Running your HVAC unit helps, but overworking it will cause your utility bills to skyrocket. 

At Triple H Insulation we offer blown-in and spray foam home insulation for crawl spaces, basements, garages, attics, walls, and more – both of which will improve comfort, lower energy bills, and restore home value. Call 1-866-977-6917 or email us today to schedule a free home energy audit, where one of our home insulation technicians will accurately assess your home's faulty insulation and recommend the perfect air sealing solution for you!

Air sealing spray foam insulation

Spray foam is a comprehensive, tightly packed home insulation that expands to effectively fill gaps and cracks. This air sealing home insulation installs quickly and doesn't have to be cut, fitted, and set like the rigid board. Spray foam also cures to stay perfectly in place, meaning no shifting, settling, or sagging.

Do you have a poor insulation barrier in your attic, crawl space, basement, garage, or in other areas of your Nassau County, NY home? Let the experts at Triple H Insulation help you. With spray foam insulation, we can effectively boost home comfort, reduce HVAC usage, and lower energy bills!

Expertly installed blown-in insulation

Does your Nassau County, NY home have a poor insulation barrier between the walls in your garage, basement, crawl space, attic, and other areas? Homes with insulation less than R-20, as recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, may have uncomfortable, fluctuating room temperatures, which forces your HVAC unit to work harder to regulate the home's climate, requiring you to pay more on energy costs. 

Triple H Insulation can help with energy-saving fiberglass and cellulose blown-in insulation, funneled into the home through a long, flexible hose that can reach lengths as high as the attic with guidance from one of our expert contractors. 

Insulation services and products we offer:

  • Air sealing
  • Weatherization
  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Ductwork insulation and sealing 
  • Mineral wool fiber insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • And more!

Are you interested in maximizing home comfort, optimizing your energy usage, and lowering utility bills? Call 1-866-977-6917 or click below to schedule a free home energy audit today!

No-cost home energy inspections

If your Nassau County, NY home is uncomfortably hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, causing you to exhaust your HVAC unit, and raising your energy bills, then stop the cycle now with Triple H Insulation. We can provide a complete, top to bottom home assessment that will evaluate your home's energy usage with no-cost to you. After our inspection is complete, our expert technician will discuss service options with you and provide a free work estimate.

So if your home has fluctuating, uncomfortable temperatures, with costly utility bills and you are not sure how to resolve it, call 1-866-977-6917 or email Triple H Insulation to schedule a free home energy audit and work estimate today!

Benefits of a home energy audit:

  • Detailed recommendations for energy improvements
  • Potential savings from 5 to 30 percent on utility bills
  • Recommended upgrades that improve energy costs and home comfort
  • Protection from unrealistic energy-saving claims
  • Free service quotes on all recommendations
  • And more!

Thorough indoor air quality testing

Are you and your family suffering from ailments like headaches, fevers, allergies, and more? These symptoms can often be associated with “sick building syndrome” If the air quality in your Nassau County, NY home isn’t up to par it can make your family sick and can continue to cause problems in your home. Triple H Insulation offers a variety of solutions that can improve the air quality of your home, including replacement and doors, ductwork solutions, and more! If the air quality in your home has you worried call Triple H Insulation now! Our expert technicians are trained and certified to detect and correct building defects that cause indoor air quality problems.

Affordable & cost-saving home energy upgrades

For over 20 years, Triple H Insulation has committed to maximizing comfort, optimizing energy usage, and lowering utility costs for Nassau County, NY homeowners. Whether you need home insulation, blown-in insulation, spray foam insulation, HVAC upgrades, or a free home energy audit, we have these solutions and more!

As yearly recipients of the PSEG Long Island Century award, presented to companies who completed 100 or more projects through PSEG Long Island's affordable energy-saving program, we believe home upgrades should never be out of reach, so we offer simple, straightforward financing solutions.

Whether you need to upgrade home insulation to blown-in insulation or spray foam insulation, air sealing services, or a free home energy assessment, Triple H Insulation can help! Call today to schedule your FREE home energy audit and service estimate!

Job Stories From Nassau County, NY
Importance in Baffles in your Attic- Massapequa Park, NY

Baffles are chutes that can provide a channel for air to flow from your exterior soffit vents into your attic space. That airflow is intended to churn the stale air in your attic which helps remove moisture and control the temperature of your attic. They also prevent vents from getting clogged by insulation and ensure a clear channel. Some benefits to having baffles is less mold and mildew, fewer ice dams, and a more comfortable home.

Importance in Baffles in your Attic- Massapequa Park, NY - Photo 1
Energy Loss Concerns- Old Bethpage, NY

Jason from Old Bethpage, NY contacted us at Triple H with concerns that energy loss in his home and that his bills have been extremely high for a few months, and he was unsure why. We recommended sending one of our specialists at to perform a Home Energy Assessment to see what was going on in his home. Triple H Specialist Brian went out and preformed the assessment on Jason’s home and discussed his concerns. Brian recommended to seal and insulated Jason’s attic space as well as seal and insulated the garage sealing because that was where most of the air in his home was leaking out. With both these recommendations, Jason’s home should be noticeably more comfortable, more energy efficient with lower fuel and electric bills.

Better Insulated Attic Space- East Meadow, NY

Triple H customer Debra from East Meadow, NY contacted Triple H wanting to get an estimate for better insulation in her attic. Triple h technician Brian went out to her home to take a look at Debra’s attic space and give a recommendation. Brian recommended taking out the old insulation, air sealing the attic space from leaks, and blowing gin 10” of TruSoft Cellulose Insulation to reach optimum R-value. He also recommended sealing her ducts to reduce air exfiltration.  Debra should experience now a more energy efficient home with lower bills, as well as be more comfortable through all seasons.

Benefits of Dense-Packed Cellulose- East Norwich, NY

Dense packing is a technique that packs the insulation in very tightly - so tightly that all irregular shaped cavities and crevices in the wall cavities are filled, and air will not penetrate the dense packed cellulose. It’s remarkable, and something that can’t be achieved with fiberglass - not even close! Dense packed cellulose stops air flow through the wall and insulates. Siding is removed temporarily as necessary and 29/16” holes are drilled through the wall sheathing. A fill tube is inserted up (and down) into wall cavities to not only fill, but dense pack the wall cavities. Holes are plugged and siding is put back. When done right, dense-packed cellulose is a highly efficient option for insulating exterior walls. Also resulting in a quieter, warmer, less drafty home with lower fuel/electric bills, and the heating system runs less which is also less maintenance.

Leaking Can Lights- Albertson, NY

When it comes to making homes more comfortable, stopping air leakage at the top of the house is the #1 priority. Can lights are holes in the ceiling. Air leaks between the fixture and the drywall, and through the fixture itself because of the many holes and seams in it. Resulting in more drafts and colder rooms downstairs.

Triple H went to a home in Albertson, NY and part of the job was installing TiteShell airtight can light covers over all the can lights in the attic space. TiteShell can light covers are installed over all can lights, fitted around wires and fixture struts, and sealed air tight with expanding foam. TiteShell covers are safe from the fire hazards of hot bulbs and fixtures. Once all covers are installed, cellulose insulation is blown into the attic against and over them, eliminating costly gaps in insulation. Resulting in less drafts and more comfortable rooms in the whole home.

Leaking Can Lights- Albertson, NY - Photo 1
How to Contain Heat in your Home- Seaford, NY

Ruben N. contacted Triple H wanting an estimate for insulation in her home. After having a conversation with the Triple H call representative, Ruben discussed that her home has a hard time containing heat, it always seems to be cold even when her heat is set at 75 degrees. Ruben was unsure where she need insulation, but she wanted the best type of insulation and know where she needs it to help keep her house warm. Triple H sent Home Comfort Specialist, Ryan, to Ruben's home to see what we could do to help fix her problem and give her an estimate. Ryan recommended 

Insulation for Attic and Crawlspace in Locus Valley, NY

This customer called in looking for a solution for the problems he was having with his attic and crawlspace, and the comfort issues in his home. He met with Triple H Representative Paul and they discussed some solutions to help with this customers problem. The first thing our crew did was removed the old batt insulation from the attic space. Then air sealed all the leaks in the attic space and added Can Light Covers to all the light fixtures. After that the crew blew in 16" of cellulose insulation to the attic space. The next project the crew started was adding SilverGlo Insulation to the crawl space walls. The customers problems have been resolved and will have a more comfortable home year round.

Insulation for Attic and Crawlspace in Locus Valley, NY - Photo 1
Hot Homes in Hempstead, NY

This homeowner called into Triple H stating that her house is always hot in the summers and she wanted to know why it was and house we can fix it. Triple H Representative Jesse went to the home in Hempstead, NY and evaluated her home. He noticed that the attic space wasn't properly sealed form air leaks and the current insulation levels were very low. Jesse explained to the homeowner that the reason her house is always hot was because the attic space wasn't properly insulated and all the cool air from the A/C in the home is leaking out the space so the house wont stay cool. Jesse recommended reinsulating the attic space with the proper level of insulation, as well as seal all air leaks or penetrations' in the space. Triple H Crew went to the home and removed the old, damaged insulation and began to seal all leaks in the attic floor. They covered all the can lights to keep them separated from the new insulation being added. Then we added 14" of blown in cellulose insulation, blown in insulation fills all gaps and odd shaped void. Now the homeowner will have a cooler home in the summer and warmer home in the winter, making the customer very happy. 

Hot Homes in Hempstead, NY - Photo 1
Uncomfortable Home in Albertson, NY

This customer called into Triple H after getting a great recommendation from a friend that had work completed by us. The customer stated that his house gets super hot in the summer and the CAC is in the attic and the ducts get too hot. Home Comfort Specialist Ryan went to the home to evaluate and see what we can do. After evaluating the home and noticing it is an older home with its original insulation, it definitely needs an upgrade in insulation. Ryan recommended to the customer to reinsulate the attic space, seal/insulate the duct work in the attic, and to insulate the exterior walls of the home. All these measure will definitely help with this customers comfort issues, as well as help him safe on energy bills. 

Attic & Wall Insulation in Levittown, NY

This homeowner contacted Triple H requesting an estimate for attic and wall insulation for her home.  The current attic insulation was inadequate and the insulation in the walls were no existent causing drafts through the home.  Triple H representative Jesse went to the home to take a look and provide an estimate. After reviewing the home Jesse provided an estimate of removing the old insulation in the attic space, air sealing any air leakage in the attic, and adding brand new insulation. Jesse also recommended adding more insulation to the exterior walls to help with the drafts that are happening in the home. With this work that's being completed, the homeowner will experience a less draft home and overall more comfortable home. 

Upstairs Uncomfortable- Elmont, NY

This customer reached out to Triple H because there upstairs rooms were uncomfortable. Home Comfort Specialist Brian went to evaluate the home in Elmont, NY. After taking a look at the home, Brian determined that the attic space was in need of updated insulation. Brian Proposed that we reinsulate the whole space and seal any penetrations from air leaks. After completing these measures the home owner will experience a more comfortable upstairs with less drafts, as well as lower energy bills. 

Upstairs Uncomfortable- Elmont, NY - Photo 1
Insulating the Attic, Crawl Space, and Exterior Walls- Rockville Centre, NY

This homeowner contacted us and stated that they had recently just bought the home. They had it resided and found out that the exterior walls had little to no insulation in them. The customer was also experiencing drafts, rooms being too hot or cold, and noticed that the lower level of the home was much cooler then the upper level. Triple H Representative Jesse went to the home in Rockville Centre, NY to give a free estimate. Upon completing the inspection of the home, Jesse noticed that the attic, crawl space, and walls had inadequate insulation. Jesse proposed that the attic, crawl space, and walls should all be reinsulated to help fix the homeowners issues in the home.  The customer was definitely interested in completing the whole project, and was very happy to hear that they qualified for the National Grid Rebate Program!

Crawl Space Insulation- New Hyde Park, NY

A customer from New Hyde Park, NY contacted us to schedule an appointment for someone to come out and give him an estimate to insulate his crawl space. He was experiencing very cold floors in rooms that were above the crawl space. Home Comfort Specialist, Ryan, went to the home to look at the crawl space. Ryan proposed insulating the crawl space with SilverGlo foam board insulation on the walls and TerraBlock foam pad insulation on the floors, as well as adding spray foam to the rim joist to eliminate any drafts coming from the outside. The crawl space is now properly insulated and the customer should now have much warmer and comfortable floors upstairs.  

Cold Air Drafts in Roosevelt, NY

This homeowner contacted us stating that she has cold air coming through the home. We scheduled an appointment for our specialist Jesse to go out to the home in Roosevelt, NY to take a look and see how we can help. Jesse noticed that this home was severely lacking insulation in the attic space which was causing all the drafts in the home. Jesse recommended to reinsulate the whole attic space and seal any air penetration's. The Triple H crew then went to the home, removed the old insulation, sealed any air leaks to prepare the space for new insulation. The crew blew in 14" of cellulose insulation. Now that this attic space is properly sealed and insulated, the homeowner should experience less drafts and the home will maintain a comfortable temperature year round. 

Cold Air Drafts in Roosevelt, NY - Photo 1
Creating Conditioned Attic Space in Glen Cove, NY

A homeowner in Glen Cove, NY reached out to us wanting to scheduled an inspection of his attic space and see what there is we can do to help make his home more efficient. Triple H Specialist Ryan went to the home in Glen Cove and after inspecting the space and talking to the homeowner, the homeowner wanted to turn the space into an area where he can store ideas safely. Ryan recommended adding Closed Cell Spray Foam to the roof rafters and the gable ends in the attic. The Triple H crew install 8 inches of closed cell spray foam to the roof rafters and 5 inches to the gables walls. This attic space has now turned into a condition space part of the house that the homeowner can put storage in, as well as the home is more energy efficent and comfortable year round.

Creating Conditioned Attic Space in Glen Cove, NY - Photo 1
Cold Master Bedroom in Westbury, NY

This homeowner contacted our company with the issue that his master bedroom was always cold. It was much colder then the rest of the home and no matter what they did, nothing helped it stay warm. Triple H Consultant Brian was sent to the home to see what was going on and to see what we can do to help.  Turns out that the attic space that was above the bedroom wasn't insulated well. The current batt insulation that was in there was old or there was little to no insulation in the space. Brian recommended that we remove the current insulation that was in the space. Then we would air seal all penetrations, and add new blown in cellulose insulation. Now that the attic space is properly insulated to R49, the customers are experiencing a much more comfortable master bedroom. 

Cold Master Bedroom in Westbury, NY - Photo 1
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