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Insulation Services - Dense Pack Porch Ceiling/Cantilever- Westhampton, NY

Dense Pack Porch Ceiling/Cantilever- Westhampton, NY
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This homeowner from Westhampton, NY contacted Triple H for an estimate to insulate his home because he was having comfort issues with his upper-level rooms. After the estimate it was determined that his Cantilevered Floor not being insulated was the cause. If your cantilevers are not properly insulated it results in cold air being able to leak in your home. This in turn causes floors and ceilings to be cold, uncomfortable upstairs rooms, and your home being drafty. Triple H dense packed cellulose insulation by drilling small holes in each joist bay, blowing in the insulation and plugging the holes back up with perfectly cutout wood disks. Then it’s sealed with expanding spray foam. This customer should now experience warmer floors and ceilings, less drafts, and an increase in comfort.

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