Insulation is a terrific way to improve your home’s comfort! Many Nassau and Suffolk county homeowners are surprised to learn just how poorly their old, settled insulation is performing when we share the results of our no-cost energy audit. Insulation installation is one service we find is particularly effective once your home has been air sealed.

How Does Insulation Work?

Insulation works by limiting how much energy—in the form of heat — passes through the outside walls of your home. It keeps your valuable conditioned air inside and your home’s living areas cozy. Insulation uses R-values to measure how resistant the material is to allowing heat to pass through. The higher the R-value, the better the barrier to heat loss.

How Much Insulation Do I Need?

Across Nassau and Suffolk counties, there are minimum R-values for attics, walls and other areas of the home, based on federal and local codes. Any new insulation must meet these levels to reach the efficiency required. We use our no-cost energy audit as a way to measure air leaks and show where insulation is missing or ineffective.

Insulation Can Fix a Drafty Home

Based on years of home performance training and expertise, Triple H Contracting recommends two types of insulation to improve home comfort: cellulose and spray foam. These two options perform the best in most homes and are a good value for the investment.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is blown into exterior walls, roof and attic spaces. Cellulose insulation is made from processed recycled wood product— mostly those newspapers you’ve been recycling for years. The cellulose is treated with a fire retardant and is resistant to mold and rot. The cellulose is blown in a specific depth to reach the required R-value.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam actually takes care of air sealing and insulation simultaneously. This insulation uses special equipment to combine two inert liquids then sprays this mixture into walls, ceilings, basements and attics. As this mixture is applied, it expands to create a foam that fills in gaps and quickly hardens into an impermeable layer. Our trained spray foam technicians will spray the foam evenly and to just the right thickness the reach the required R-value. Because the foam traps tiny pockets of air, it becomes an effective barrier to heat and moisture, keeping you home cozy and comfortable all year long.

Your Triple H Contracting trained insulation professional can help to determine which type of insulation is the right solution for your home. And with plenty of affordable financing and incentives available, there’s no reason to hold off on improving your home’s insulation!

Does your home feel drafty? Heating and cooling bills too high? Contact us to get the right insulation installed in your Babylon, NY home.