Waking up to a cold house is no fun! In many instances, you can avoid the danger of losing heat in your home if you pay attention to signs your furnace needs repair.

Warning Signs of a Furnace Breakdown

Rarely do furnaces break without giving some warning of impending failure. Here are some warning signs that can indicate your furnace needs attention and repairs:

  • Poor maintenance: If you haven’t had your furnace inspected or maintained, you may be in for an unpleasant breakdown.
  • Dirty Filters can block airflow and make your furnace heat less effectively.
  • Ignition or pilot light malfunction is a frequent cause for furnace woes.
  • Thermostat failure can cause your furnace to lose the ability to control even heat.

Time for a Repair Appointment!

If your furnace is showing signs of poor heating or higher-than-usual heating bills, it’s time to schedule a repair appointment with the HVAC experts at Triple H Contracting. Our professional technicians are experienced and certified in repairing all brands of furnaces, including Rheem, Lennox, Goodman and more.

While your technician is inspecting the furnace and diagnosing the malfunction, he or she may recommend a no-cost energy audit to provide a more complete assessment of your home’s heating systems and overall energy efficiency. Repairs to your furnace may be a good first step to saving big bucks by finding other places where energy is being wasted.

High Repair Estimate? Upgrading Your Furnace is Easier Than Ever!

Sometimes, we find that our customers’ repair costs and the remaining lifespan of an older furnace indicate that a repair isn’t the best next step, especially if they’ve had more than one service call in the heating season. Our long experience with new Rheem furnaces have shown us that improved home energy savings combined with affordable financing and incentives can often outweigh the benefits of an old furnace repair. Some incentives are so favorable, you’ll wonder why you waited so long for a new furnace installation!

Is your furnace showing signs of breaking down? Don’t delay repairs! Contact us for furnace repair to keep you home comfortable all winter long.