Looking for the biggest bang for your home efficiency buck? The combination of air sealing leaks in your home’s exterior envelope and improved insulation can really put a dent in your home’s energy bill. At Triple H Contracting, we like to start with a detailed, no-cost energy audit to find out where your home needs efficiency upgrades. One of the things we look for during the audit are the gaps cracks and other areas where you home may be leaking air.

What’s the Big Deal About Air Leaks?

An electrical outlet here, a recessed can light there…they may seem like little leaks. But when these leaks throughout your home add up, it’s the same as leaving a window or two open all year long! No wonder your heating and cooling bills are so high! Finding those leaks and sealing them is the easiest way to prevent home heat loss.

Get an Energy Assessment to Locate Air Leakage

Triple H Contracting offers its customers a hassle-free, no-cost energy audit to check for leaks, along with ductwork testing, safety checks for your furnace and other important tests. With our special blower door equipment and infrared imaging camera, we can locate exactly where air is leaking, whether it’s behind walls and ceilings, around lighting fixtures, in the attic and basement or somewhere else.

It’s Easy to Prevent Home Heat Loss With Air Sealing

We call air sealing services the solution that has the biggest bang for your buck. Air sealing your Nassau or Suffolk county home doesn’t involve a big investment and can save you as much as 25% on your energy bill right away. Plus, special New York financing and incentives can help cover the costs for eligible households.

How Does Air Sealing Work?

Armed with our infrared imaging guide, we can seal cracks and gaps throughout your home with a combination of hand-applied spray foam sealant and new cellulose insulation. Another option is spray foam insulation, which combines air sealing and insulation in one application to create a sealed attic space. It doesn’t matter which one you use, the improved comfort results will make a big difference!

Air sealing for home energy savings starts with a no-cost energy audit. Contact Triple H Contracting for your home energy assessment appointment in Hicksville, NY today.