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Triple H Insulation Case Studies: Insulation & A/C Working Together in Bayport, NY

Monday, August 29th, 2022 by Regan Hubner
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This customer from Bayport, NY contacted us looking for an estimate. The customer had just gotten a New AC unit installed because his house was very warm, but he wasn't seeing a change in temperature in his house after the New AC was installed. Home Comfort Specialist Ryan went to his home to take a look. Ryan determined that the was little to no insulation in the attic space. Without the proper insulation the cold air the AC is pushing out is just leaking out the house and not staying in so the house would still be warm. 


Ryan recommended installing new spray foam insulation on the rafters. The crew went to the home in Bayport, NY and removed the old insulation and added up to 8" of spray foam insulation to all the rafters. Resulting in a more comfortable home and the space is much easier to heat and cool.

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