Often when completing our inspections during our no-cost energy audit, we discover that leaks, weathering and other factors indicate your home’s siding needs to be replaced. Many homeowners refresh and update their home’s exterior with new siding that will also help to seal their home’s exterior from the elements. Triple H Contracting has the experience and professional expertise to handle your siding repair and replacement.

What Happened to My Siding?

Your Nassau or Suffolk county home’s siding takes a lot of abuse. Damage from the sun’s rays, particularly on the south-facing walls, can wreak havoc on paint and vinyl, sometimes rendering it chalky, faded or discolored. Animals and pests can also damage the exterior shell of your home. If your roof is not handling rain and snow runoff well or your gutters are damaged, water can seep in under the surface and begin to damage your walls from within.

What Type of Siding Should I Choose?

Triple H Contracting can replace your siding with a wide selection of options. What you choose will depend on the amount of maintenance you want to deal with, the style of house and neighborhood surroundings. If your subdivision has restrictive covenants, you may be limited to one or two options to re-side your home’s exterior. Here are some of the options we can install:

Cedar Clapboard or Cedar Shake Shingles

This type of siding is a great choice for a traditional look. Cedar contains oils that tastes bad to insects, which helps the wood resist damage from UV sunlight, mold and mildew. It can be painted, stained and sealed, or left to weather naturally to a silvery gray. While it does require repainting on a regular basis, it should last a lifetime with good care. Cedar is a great choice if you want to change the color of your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has made great strides since it was first introduced. Today’s vinyl siding is made to resist fading and will last for many years with a no-maintenance exterior. Modern vinyl siding is available in many different styles, grains, finishes and colors.

Fiber Cement Siding

Sometimes known as Hardie Board, which is a specific brand, fiber cement siding is another durable siding option. It too comes in many different styles made to mimic the look of shingles, clapboard or vertical planking. It combines the durability of masonry with the looks of shingles or clapboard and is resistant to insects, animals and fire.

Professional Siding Replacement

Triple H Contracting has years of experience with replacing old, worn or damaged siding with a fresh new face. We’ll take extra care with removing your old siding, ensuring the  vapor barrier is intact and seamless. We’ll install your new siding the right way so it’s ready for finishing, paint or stain.

Give your Babylon home a fresh new start with replacement siding from Triple H Contracting! Contact us to explore your siding options today.