If you’re tired of rollercoaster pricing and inefficient heating with your old oil-burning furnace or boiler, converting your system to natural gas is a great option. The Triple H Contracting team is your oil to gas upgrade expert in Nassau and Suffolk counties, offering turnkey conversion services when you make the switch from fuel oil to natural gas. If you are still on the fence about replacing your oil burning appliances Triple H Contracting offers a No-Cost Energy Efficiency Audit. This comprehensive inspection will pinpoint problem areas of your home that are prone to excessive venting of air to the outside.  We want you to be comfortable in your own home!

Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Gas

For ease of use and energy efficiency, natural gas has many benefits. Natural gas is primarily a fossil fuel byproduct of oil produced in the United States. The difference is that natural methane gas is less complex than fuel oil, and therefore burns more cleanly than oil (with 27% lower carbon dioxide emissions). While oil and natural gas share the same sources, natural gas produces less particulate matter that can leave a sooty film and negatively affect breathing health.

No Messy, Bulky Oil Tanks

Whether it’s outside of your home or in the basement, no one likes the look or inconvenience of an oil storage tank. Your space-hogging fuel tank is also an extra home appliance that requires maintenance and could leak. Inside or out, homeowners have to keep vegetation, snow and ice cleared away from the oil tank and fill pipe so that the oil truck can pump in oil. There’s nothing worse than coming home on a cold night and discovering your oil tank is empty!

Natural Gas is Convenient

Just like your electricity or water, with natural gas service, you don’t need a delivery to keep your heat on. National Grid natural gas flows directly to your home via underground piping, so that it’s always there when you need it! Plus, many natural gas customers also enjoy the versatility natural gas offers with cookstoves and gas fireplaces to keep cozy when it’s cold outside.

Is Natural Gas in My Neighborhood?

In recent years, National Grid has been expanding its natural gas service on Long Island, using non-intrusive underground drilling to install new gas lines in neighborhoods throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties. If there are plans to add service to your street, Triple H Contracting can take care of all the oil to gas conversion details, including:

  • Finding the right Rheem natural gas furnace or Navien boiler to meet your home’s heating demands. If you’ve got another brand in mind, don’t worry! We’ll order any brand you prefer.
  • Removal and disposal of your oil furnace/boiler and tank.
  • Installation and connection of your new, energy efficient furnace or boiler.
  • Coordination with National Grid to ensure safe and expert connection and service start.

Furnace Replacement is the Time to Convert to Natural Gas

If your heating system is 10-12 years old and is ready to be replaced, converting to natural gas couldn’t be easier! If service is available on your street, you’ll enjoy cleaner burning heat as well as peace of mind with natural gas. If your street doesn’t yet have natural gas, we can work with your neighbors to get natural gas utility expansion to your area with enough participating homes.

If you’re ready to make the switch and start an oil to gas conversion, Triple H Contracting has the experience and professional expertise. Contact us today and we can walk you through the conversion process. You’ll soon be on your way to clean-burning natural gas!