What is the best way to save energy, save money and make your home more comfortable? Get cost-effective home energy solutions when the building professionals from Triple H Contracting perform a comprehensive, no-cost energy audit.


What’s the catch? There isn’t one!

We’ve found that it’s a common dilemma for Nassau and Suffolk homeowners: you know you need to do something to stop drafty rooms and high heating and cooling bills, but what? There are plenty of folks around who want to “fix” your home, without really understanding where the problems lie. Our thorough, detailed, no-cost energy audit will locate where and how your home is under performing. Then, we’ll provide you with a complete diagnosis and a list of options that really will work for you.


And yes, this audit comes with no strings—it’s paid for through NYSERDA’s home energy efficiency program. We even take care of all the paperwork for you!


What is a Home Energy Audit?

Our no-cost home energy audit looks at your home from attic to basement to see how and where valuable energy may be lost. The audit also includes a health and safety inspection to ease your concerns. The pros at Triple H Contracting have been certified by the respected Building Performance Institute (BPI) to review and measure your home’s energy use and ensure the health and safety of your home. BPI is the national source for certification and standards for home energy performance. Our BPI certified home energy audit team will inspect your entire home and use our specialized equipment to test for leaks in your home’s exterior envelope and ductwork, as well as check your home’s insulation. We’ll test for dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) in two ways: first with a combustion analysis of your heating system and second by wearing a CO monitor to detect other sources in your home’s indoor air.


A Typical Home Energy Audit May Include:


  • Visual inspection of home exterior to spot any obvious problems
  • Inspections of attic, basement and interior walls and ceilings
  • Inspection of ductwork, heating and cooling systems
  • Blower door test to determine where outside air is leaking in
  • Infrared camera imaging that can identify leaks and poor insulation
  • Duct blaster to find leaks in ductwork
  • Health & safety inspection to identify CO levels and moisture problems that may cause mold


What Will an Energy Assessment Reveal?

Once we’re finished with the inspection, we’ll use specialized computer modeling to pinpoint what’s ailing your home. We find that many homes have hidden and not-so-hidden leaks that are stealing energy dollars. What’s the big deal about leaks? Well, leaks from common features like recessed can lights add up. If you’ve got 15 or 20 leaky can lights, it can be the same as leaving a couple of windows open—all year long! Once we know what’s going on, we can find the right prescription to start saving those lost energy dollars.


Energy Efficiency Programs Make it Easy to Upgrade

Many of our customers have big concerns about how much improving your home’s performance will cost. We get it! With the diagnosis in hand, we can recommend home efficiency services that will save money immediately and are more affordable than you think! We have access to efficiency incentives and rebates, as well as affordable financing through many partners.


You’re just a phone call away from making your home comfortable and energy efficient with our no-cost energy audit. Contact Triple H Contracting today.