Wouldn’t it be great to get your home energy savings to finance your furnace or heat pump upgrade! With HomeAdvance’s innovative financing, you can do just that!

How Does HomeAdvance Financing Work?

It’s a simple program: HomeAdvance covers most of the cost of your home energy upgrade and you pay them back with the savings you get from the improvement. Right now, your energy bill has a portion of wasted energy, which can sometimes be as much as 25%. You maintain your affordable energy budget but swap out wasted energy for a better, more comfortable home. Unlike a traditional bank loan, you pay based upon the energy and money you save, never more than that.

Fund Today’s Home Upgrade Financing With Future Savings!

After completing a no-cost energy audit, Triple H Contracting will provide you with the energy saving improvements you can make. Select the projects you’ll fund via HomeAdvance and we’ll estimate your monthly energy savings from improved efficiency. Your bill stays the same but the energy savings pay for the improvements right on your energy bill. You pay what you save and no more— guaranteed!

What Are the Benefits of HomeAdvance Financing?

This innovative financing offers several advantages over traditional bank loans:

  • Financing for comfort upgrades (including air sealing and insulation) and equipment upgrades (furnacewater heaterboiler) and even oil to gas conversions!
  • Realize your energy savings immediately without increased out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Improve your home’s comfort and keep the same manageable monthly energy bill.
  • No prepayment penalty and you can leave at any time when you buy out your loan.

HomeAdvance offers other great perks, including:

  • FREE smart thermostat (Nest or Ecobee)
  • Home Energy Buddy – a single point of contact for your home energy questions
  • Annual check-ins to ensure your continued satisfaction
  • Combined billing with your utilities for convenience
  • Tracking and reporting on your home’s energy savings

Get started on your HomeAdvance financing with a no-cost energy audit from Triple H Contracting. Contact us to set up your appointment.