Boilers are usually a pretty reliable source of heating and hot water, but occasionally, a boiler will need repair. Triple H Contracting has the trained and certified boiler technicians to get your boiler fixed and running smoothly.

Does Your Boiler Need a Repair?

To the average homeowner, a boiler can be a little intimidating, but there are some common signs to look for that may indicate service is needed. Here are some common symptoms of an ailing boiler that needs repair services:

  • No heat or hot water
  • Pilot light has gone out
  • Frozen condensate pipe during very cold weather
  • Lime scale buildup from hard water
  • Boiler keeps switching off
  • Inaccurate, aged thermostat
  • Leaking or dripping
  • Banging or loud sounds
  • Baseboards or radiators not heating up

Time to Call for Home Boiler Repair

If any of the above symptoms occur, it’s probably time for home boiler repair or at least a home boiler tune-up. Triple H Contracting has the well trained, BPI Certified technicians to diagnose and repair any issues that keep your boiler from operating properly. We can also assess your current boiler to determine whether the repair justifies the expense or if it’s time for a new, high-efficiency boiler installation.

Should I Just Replace My Boiler?

Many boilers, depending on how well they are maintained, will reach the end of a functional life after about 15-20 years. Triple H Contracting services all brands of boilers (including Navien, Energy Kinetics, Lennox, Bosch and more), so we’ve got extensive experience with diagnosing and repairing.

The downside to repairing an older boiler is the continued inefficient energy consumption and added cost. Often, it’s a balancing act! The good news is that great financing and incentives are available to Suffolk and Nassau County homeowners that make upgrading to a new boiler easy and more affordable. Some homeowners facing a large boiler repair bill will opt for an oil to gas conversion for convenient natural gas service. No matter what fuel you use, Triple H can recommend a reliable Navien or Energy Kinetics replacement boiler that will save money and energy for years to come.

Triple H Contracting has the experience to make repairs on your home’s boiler. Contact us to have our technician diagnose what’s ailing your boiler.