1. Fall: The Best Time to Think About Air Sealing

    Now that it’s just about fall here in New York, homeowners on Long Island are thinking about how to maximize comfort in their homes before the cold weather sets in. You’ve probably thought about how your furnace is functioning, but what about the air leaks in your home? Air leaks allow warm, conditioned air to seep out of your home during the cold winter season, and that’s why fall is the …Read More

  2. Is My AC Too Small?

    Many homeowners in and around Saint James, NY have been dealing with rising energy costs due to running their cooling systems for hours on end this summer. For some, the issue comes down to a lack of sufficient air sealing and insulation, which can make it difficult for even the best air conditioners on the market to function properly. Others experience high energy bills and uncomfortable indoor …Read More

  3. Are Your Windows Wasting Your Money?

    Windows play a big part in increasing or decreasing the value of your home, and your comfort in it. Many Saint James area homeowners have a love-hate relationship with their windows; they love having lots of them for all the light they provide, but they hate how the cold air blows through in the winter, causing the heat to go on and the bills to rise. Long Islanders know that old, ill-fitting wind…Read More

  4. Reasons to Get a No-Cost Energy Audit this Summer

    While the days are getting noticeably shorter, there are still plenty of hot temperatures on the horizon. If you’ve been struggling to stay cool at home during the heat, it’s more than likely that you’ll experience similar comfort issues during the winter. Get ahead of continuing discomfort and high energy bills by getting a no-cost energy audit before the end of the summer. How an Energy …Read More

  5. Last-Minute Summer Weatherization Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

    “Weatherization” is a term that can often bring to mind snowy mountain homes and unbearably cold weather—certainly the opposite of what we’re currently experiencing here in the St. James, NY area and the rest of Long Island. The thing is, weatherizing a home is something that can be beneficial no matter what time of year it happens to be, and it’s especially important before the dog days…Read More

  6. End this Spring with a No-Cost Energy Audit

    Spring is in full swing, and the world is finally coming back to life. Homeowners in and around  Saint James are trying to get ready for the hot summer sun, and for many, this means taking a closer look at household energy efficiency. You may think spring cleaning is mostly about dusting off the baseboards and decluttering, but neither of these things will help to keep you cool once the summer he…Read More

  7. Home Efficiency Spring Cleaning for Your Home

    With spring allergy season making its way closer to us, anything that can make your home feel better and relieve the potential for serious reactions and respiratory illnesses needs to be considered. While home efficiency services are commonly associated with the savings they offer and the comfort they bring, they can also improve the health of your home. So how can you improve your home’s health…Read More

  8. Stop Allergies from Affecting You at Home This Spring

    Many Long Island residents associate spring with allergy season. Surprisingly, many people suffer from severe indoor allergy symptoms, which don’t have much to do with spring. How can you stop allergies from affecting you at home? Make sure you add improving indoor air quality (IAQ) to your spring cleaning list. Increase Health & Comfort with Improved Indoor Air Quality With everything from …Read More

  9. Stop Those Freezing Showers with a Tankless Water Heater

    Have you ever been the last in your family to shower in the morning, only to find that there’s no hot water left? It’s a common problem associated with tank-based water heaters, and it affects countless homeowners in Saint James and throughout the surrounding areas. No one wants to start their day with an ice-cold shower, but for some, this is a regular issue. The situation can seem hopeless, …Read More